About the Artist Susan Nocella

Blue Bungalow Glassworks 

I come from a family of artisans including hat makers, jewelry designers, illustrators, and mixed media artists.  At a young age I decided to combine my own artistic abilities with flour, butter, sugar, and chocolate.  I have spent almost 25 years in the Pastry world, and as a Chef, creating edible art.

I became enthralled with glass after moving to the Pacific Northwest in 2006.  I have always been interested in light, color, and reflection through this special medium.  Discovering glass has given me a new place to exercise my creative ideas, and I find glass, heat, and its chemistry amazing. Every time I am in the studio I am on a new journey.  Whether I am on the torch flameworking glass, or designing a fused glass piece, I love working with glass and fire to create a one of a kind, handmade piece.

In early July 2018, I broke my hand and experienced a very slow healing process. To help regain my dexterity I took up Tunisian Crochet. As a child I had been taught this sub-type of crochet and knitting from my grandmother. I found I enjoyed it and was captivated by the many different types of stitches and types of yarn. I am now exploring ways to incorporate these two distinct art forms.